Protecta Vision divisions

Specialized Maintenance Sector:

Historical View:

Over a decade, Specialized maintenance sector is the major core business for Protecta vision, it is founded to work as one of the reputable players in the maintenance market by rendering specialized services and care to medical equipment in hospitals, and clinics as a specialized sub contractor approved and qualified by MOH – projects and maintenance department. As a result of this success, Protecta Vision is rendering an ongoing maintenance contracts for more than 1500 pieces of different equipment in various MOH hospitals throughout KSA. Protecta Vision considered as one of the main spare parts sources for most of the medical equipment available in the market. Thanks to our wide range network, we deliver spare parts at the most competitive prices within a convenient time.

Protecta Vision maintenance team are equipped with all needed tools to perform their duties as per MOH and manufactures standards, and backed up with the well equipped main workshop at the HQ.

Protecta Vision is specialized and licensed in the following fields:

  • After sales services division.
  • Flexible and rigid scopes division.
  • X-ray division.
  • Ultrasound division.
  • AKU division.
  • Laboratory division. (Under process).
  • Sterilizers and autoclaves division. (Under process).
  • R.O WTP division. (Under process).
  • Incubators division. (Under process).
  • Hospitals’ operation & maintenance (Under process)

Customers Base:

Our main customers are the major biomedical O&M contractors at MOH are:

  • SMEH (Scientific & Medical Equipment House).
  • ASCO .
  • ZAHRAN O&M Co.
  • SAMAMA Co.